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rectangular white device


turned-on heater

Room Heater

black flat screen tv turned on near white wooden table


white cuddle chair and throw pillows near window


teal 2-seat couch and red area rug

Floor Mat

green and yellow hose on brown wooden table


brown throw pillow on white and blue bed linen


photo of white mug on table


white bed linen with white pillows


white and orange floral throw pillow

Bed sheet

grayscale photo of wooden chair


brown wooden table beside white couch


white mattress sheet and four white pillows

Sleeping cot

person holding stainless steel gas stove


white and teal steam clothes iron plugged on ironing board

Iron Box

two slices of lemon beside green juicer


hormel compleats chicken breast and gravy

Electric pan

shoes under desk

Dressing Table

brown and black rolling chair beside green plant

Rolling Chair

flat screen TV turned off

TV stand

person in white sneakers sitting on red and black floor

Shoe Stand

white electric plug on blue wall


white and black device

Vaccum Cleaner

black and silver dvd player

CD Drive

black and gray metal pipe

Water heater

black and green desk fan

Table Fan

black and white chess pieces on black and silver gas stove


blue and white labeled can

Electric Cooker